“Kyoto” - Gastronomic paradise for everyone • Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan at one time was a real paradise. Now, in the middle of Tbilisi, on its main artery – Rustaveli Avenue is located restaurant with the same name and invites guest in pleasant and eastern refined atmosphere. Polite atmosphere of “Kyoto” and compliance with traditional etiquette, you will be shared with a rich experience of the Japanese culinary. Except classic and Japan foods which are already familiar to you, here you can taste the author s dishes and the original dessert of the one of the best chef cook of Tbilisi, Giorgi Chinchrashvili. Adjusting to Georgian taste, masterpieces of culinary creative caused sincere surprise as for local and as for “Kyoto” Japanese guests.
16 Rustaveli ave. T: 292 00 11     David Kaliashvili