Chef Cook – Giorgi Chincharashvili

• For Asian countries, the Japanese Cuisine is the same, as for European is French. Its secret is not only in careful selection of products, but in its present esthetics and generally, attitude to the product. To all this, applies the centuries tradition of the correct nutrition. The basic rule of the Japanese cookery isn t only the creation, but discovery and wise use. Giorgi Chincharashvili, the Chef Cook of “Kyoto”, incomparable expert of The Japanese Cuisine, surprises the guest with the special skill of improvisation.

• Giorgi Chincharashvili, was the Chef Cook of the first Japanese restaurant “Tokyo” in Tbilisi, than - “Sakura” restaurant. He was introduced with the culinary secrets of the Rising Sun Country by well – known Japanese Chef Cook Se Jim. Now, Giorgi has already owned Japanese restaurant “Kyoto”, and also he is its Chef Cook. Giorgi s responsibility and respect toward the guests are raised twice by this.

• Giorgi Chincharashvili: “Kyoto s” guest is as my family guest. That s why with the trusty 12 persons group of the restaurant we do everything for maximum pleasant of human who is out from “Kyoto”. Be satisfied by food, environment and service level.

• No one cuisine pays so much attention to dishes preparation, design and bringing in the World, as in Japan. Here s dishes are celebrations of taste and beauty. “Kyoto s” Chef Cook, in the case of wish, shares his experience of culinary and discloses secrets of his personal culinary to every interested guest of the restaurant.
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