To uninstall Avast anti computer in windows, we need to utilize built in program utilities. To uninstall Avast, run down the page command inside the registry manager: “regedit” and after that enter. Exchange the”; inches at the beginning of the path with “c: \Documents and Settings\All Users”. This command word will do away with Avast on your computer. You have now efficiently uninstalled Avast!

Now that you own successfully done away with Avast, you need to look for an alternative antivirus program or to get a free that you install. A number of people prefer Avast, because it is easy to use and it includes better safeguard than other anti-virus programs. Although most people favor third-party protection applications like AVG and Norton to provide optimum protection against malware and spyware and adware. When there are several free anti-spyware and anti-virus programs over the internet, really want to uninstall Avast and try other absolutely free security courses.

After installation, it’s a chance to check if the uninstaller application cleaner offers removed every file from the computer registry. Run the computer registry cleaner and make sure it has deleted all the out of date files out of your system. If yes, run the uninstaller application again to make sure this program does not revisit. Then visit the official website of Avast and download the latest adaptation of the anti virus using the Mount Avast key.